How To Recognize and Address Teenage Depression and when to seek professional help with Dr. Alison Larson

It can be challenging to know when your teenager is depressed, but there are some common signs. In this video, Dr. Alison Larson will discuss recognizing depression in teenagers and what you should do if you think your teen might be depressed.

Suppose you are concerned about your teenager’s emotional well-being. In that case, it is vital to seek professional help by calling us today at 813-491-8680 or visiting www.truehealthcew.com for more information about our Intensive Outpatient Program.

Introducing True Health’s Intensive Outpatient Program with Dr. Michael Murphy

Depression and Anxiety are two of the most common psychiatric illnesses during adolescence and young adulthood, affecting 1 in 4 individuals ages 13 to 25 years. Untreated depression can have serious consequences, including an increased risk of suicide. Suicide remains the second leading cause of death in this age group.

In this video, Dr. Michael Murphy discusses True Health’s Intensive Outpatient Program, which provides intensive outpatient treatment for adolescents and young adults that struggle with depression and/or anxiety. The program offers a therapeutic group approach, psychiatric assessments and medication management, individualized treatment plans, and family support.

anxiety in adolescence portrayed by teen who looks upset hold phone while parent comforts her

Is the Pandemic Leading to Greater Anxiety in Adolescence?

Public Re-Entry Causing Anxiety in Adolescence A simple trip to the grocery can lead to greater anxiety in adolescence. Just the other day, as I was walking down the aisles of my local grocery store, I found myself frozen in front of the ice cream section. A recurring thought kept bouncing around in my head, …

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