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Individual trauma can result from events or situations that cause emotional or physical harm to an individual. For many adolescents, this teen trauma can come from demanding schooling, bullying from peers, or family distress.


Teen trauma is not always easy to recognize or diagnose as trauma does not need to be tied to or triggered by a specific event. While one kind of trauma can be tied to a specific event, others may result from multiple incidents that can’t always be pinpointed to specific instances.

Sometimes trauma happens immediately or over a short period of time. Other times, it happens over a long period, in a way that a person may not even have recognized as being traumatic. The common thread, however, is damage to a person’s mental, physical, or emotional health.


Trauma can be amplified in adolescents when they carry traumatic childhood experiences. This can be many things such as physical and emotional abuse, bullying, grief, or an unsteady home. These events can create a threatening environment for adolescents. The effects of these traumas can cause long-standing issues if they are not addressed.


Untreated Teen Trauma

Untreated teen trauma can cause other issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood swings, or relationship issues.


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